„Doctor´s office, Vienna“, around 1935

“Finest Vintage Photography” offers the highest quality in artistic and handcrafted vintage photography, originating from 1920-1960, available for convenient online purchase via Pay-Pal. A considerable number of the photographs available here are handmade prints from internationally well-known, primarily German photographers.

The main focus of the collectors’ items here on offer lie with architectural and technical photography in the “New Objectivity” style, including among others, Walter Hege, Hugo Schmölz, Atelier Leonhardt, Selma Genthe, Zoltan Kluger, Hans Schaller, Richard Fleischhut and Max Krajewsky, as well as artistically relevant successors from the 1950’s and early 60’s, including among other photographers, Werner Eckelt, Karl-Hugo Schmölz, Willi Moegle, Dr. Paul Wolff, Adolf Lazi and Siegfried Lauterwasser.

In the case of professional but anonymous photographs, their inclusion in the online offers is based solely upon the merits of their artistic quality and exceptional craftsmanship. In some cases, photographs can be unequivocally attributed to certain photographers based on press releases from the time of their creation. This will be notated in the small descriptive articles accompanying the photographs ( slight differences to the colours of the original are possible ). Not only do you acquire an optically and contextually qualitative photograph, but a work of artistic and contemporary historical significance. All photographs shown online are presented as high-resolution, exactingly detailed images. Vintage prints that contain notes, photographic stamps, negative numbers, or other information on the back, will also include an additional high-resolution image of the reverse side of the print.

Your newly acquired photograph will be sent out safely and securely packaged with insured shipping immediately upon payment (in Germany and Europe via Hermes Shipping, overseas and to USA via DHL).

If you are not satisfied with the photograph, simply send it back. The purchase price will be returned immediately. For additional information, please read the Business Terms and Conditions. If you should have any questions about a photograph on offer, please contact me directly. I will happily answer any additional questions that you may have ( info@finest-vintage-photography.de ).