Offer pricing

„Café Vienna at Hohenzollernring in Cologne at night“, around 1935

If collectors and the art market in general were aware how seldom vintage photographs already are, the sale prices would lie approximately in the vicinity of etchings, woodcuts, or lithographs of famous painters. Already at the time of their origins, more than fifty, sixty, and seventy years ago, the numbers of prints handmade by the photographer were few, on average no more than 8 to 10 prints per negative. In present times, naturally, only a very small number have survived. Many of the photographs on offer are highly likely to be the only remaining exemplar from a negative, by now long gone. Such vintage prints are not only unique, but as a result of a missing negative, will never be reproduced again.

A photograph such as this, historical and unique in the history of art, is really and truly priceless. In the last ten years, according to auction results and galleries, sale prices have tripled. Considering the rarity and the ever-dwindling supply of quality, professional vintage photography, sale prices are still surprisingly low, especially in relation to etchings, woodcuts, or lithographs.

The sale prices of the photographs on offer here are not pulled from thin air. They are oriented on the start prices of works with similar content currently on offer in international auction houses. In auction houses, the auction bids are only just beginning, whereas here, the auction price ends. What You See Is What You Get. Completely removed from the stress of a heated bidding contest, without the fear of having invested too much, there is truly no more comfortable or secure way to acquire high quality vintage prints. Guaranteed.